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News “hands free” tracking technology for O&Gmuster

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News “hands free” tracking technology for O&Gmuster

Thanks to the active RFID technology, O&Gmuster offers an ever more efficient real-time tracking. The personnel on site’s tracking precision can achieve a few meters according to the number and geographical distribution of readers.


As of June, the active-technology RFID readers will be available for O&Gmuster. This new approach (2.45 GHz tags complete with suitable electronics) enables to track, down to once a second, hundreds of badges moving within the field of readers, with a precision of a few meters, with no need for bearers’ intervention.

The operating environment (open field, obstacles…), the number and relative position of readers and the badges’ frequency of prompting will influence the desired granularity for tracking. The modularity and ease of installation of this technology lets you customize the configuration and the installation budget for each indoor and outdoor installation.

The very low energy consumption allows you to consider a 5-year plus lifetime for the monitored battery embedded in every badge. Should the battery completely run down, the badge will carry on working in passive mode, compliant with the proximity reader of our O&G line.

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