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Air traffic control IP voice recorder


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Track your communications

Air traffic control centres are required to provide “ground/ground” and “ground/air” voice communication recordings in the event of an accident to provide evidence of event chronology.


Technology and flexibility

Specially designed for all traffic control towers and centres, the AIRrecord recorder is the vital addition to our full IP AIRvoice VCS.

Thanks to its programmed components and intuitive graphic interfaces, it simplifies the recording, archiving, search, playback and export of controllers’ voice communications (radio, telephone, intercom).

The flexibility of our digital recorders make them the ideal tool for your installation: scalable number of recording channels, adjustable archiving time, local or centralised storage and so on.

AIRrecord enables you to maintain your existing infrastructure and provides easy migration from your current telecommunications system to VoIP (Voice over IP) technology, in accordance with Eurocontrol (ED 137) and ICAO interoperability recommendations.


Increase your safety

  •  Complementary AIRvoice solution, full IP VCS from the be-safe.com range
  •  Graphic and intuitive interface
  •  Centralised recorder group administration, SNMP supervision
  •  Optimised installation, training and maintenance costs
  •  Radiocommunication, intercom, analogue, digital and IP telephony
  •  Extended recording time, listening quality
  •  Secured recorders, user profiles and access rights
  •  Time base synchronisation
  •  High availability, total redundancy
  •  IP network modular architecture, local or centralised recording and archiving, RAIS, NAS. Extendible
  •  Tower or industrial chassis for optimum integration
  •  Obsolescence-free COTS hardware
  •  Open standards (EUROCAE ED 137, RFC 3261, etc.)


Simple to configure, easy to use, complete

  •  Set the scale for your recorder (8 to 256 channels)
  •  Customise your recording channels (operator sets, radio frequencies, telephone lines) set the recording holding and archiving times, configure your security levels and so on
  •  Record: continuously, on level detection, on pick-up/hang up, restriction list
  •  Listen again: continuously or on extract selection, speed adaptation, silence hop, simultaneous playback of several channels, synchronisation of the sound return with the air traffic situation
  •  Prove: generation of audio evidence on several types of removable media


Secure your communications

In accordance with ICAO recommendations, very high availability is part of AIRrecord‘s DNA:

  •  Reinforcement and redundancy for equipment, power supplies, network links, software, automatic backup link management
  •  Your IP communication network is protected against intrusions. Users are authenticated with their profiles and access rights
  •  The recording, playback and administration networks may be partitioned

In keeping with Eurocontrol interoperability requirements (ED 137), AIRrecord integrates all analogue, digital and IP radio and telephony interfaces. It will be able to exchange data with all your IP systems.

AIRrecord configures the voice compression algorithms to offer the best compromise between listening quality and storage space.