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In accordance with legal requirements, we suggest that you read these service conditions (hereafter the “Conditions”), and any specific condition shown on the pages of the Site, governing your use of the Site “www.be-safe.com”. These Conditions relate to your rights and legal liabilities applicable if you use this Site. This Site is made available free of charge (excluding connection costs to the Site) for your personal usage, subject to compliance with the following Conditions.

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You undertake to access the information shown on this Site exclusively for personal and non-commercial usage. You shall only use the Site for legitimate purposes; no fraudulent or other use is authorised, particularly for purposes contrary to Public order and Common decency. The content of this text may be modified, consequently we suggest that you refer to this page on a very regular basis.

1. Ownership

This Site is the property of Ineo Energy & Systems, a subsidiary of EQUANS, company (partnership) with a capital of 1 400 000.000 euros, listed on the Versailles companies register under the number B 419 173 364, with its head office located at : Inovel Parc Sud, 23 Rue Général Valérie André, 78457 VELIZY VILLACOUBLAY, France.

The Site publication director is Emmanuel BARTHOUX, as Managing Director of Ineo Energy & Systems.
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2. Scope of liability and warranty

As a Site user, you acknowledge that you hold the skills and resources necessary to access and use this Site. Ineo Energy & Systems and its contributors take every action to ensure that the information displayed on this Site is accurate and updated, and reserve the right to modify Site content at any time without notice. However, they cannot guarantee that this information will be complete, or that this information will not be modified by a third party (piracy, virus). Ineo Energy & Systems and its contributors also refuse any liability (direct or indirect) for any delays, errors or omissions in relation to the content and use of these pages, as well as for any interruption in service or unavailability. You acknowledge that you have been informed that the Site is accessible 24/7, with the exception of force majeure, IT problems, problems relating to the structure of Telecommunications’ networks or other technical difficulties. Ineo Energy & Systems, may interrupt the Site for maintenance reasons. Ineo Energy & Systems will attempt to provide prior warning for users. Ineo Energy & Systems, is not liable for delays, user difficulties, or incompatibility between this Site and files, your browser or any other program used to access the Site. Ineo Energy & Systems, may not, under any circumstances, be held liable for any direct or indirect damage caused by or subsequent to the distribution of a virus by a third party via our Site and likely to infect your IT system after your connection to this Site, after use of this Site or after browsing in this Site. In the same way, Ineo Energy & Systems, may not be held liable for damage to hardware or accessories (including, on an non-exhaustive basis, technical failure, disclosure of confidential documents, loss of data), or for any indirect damage, occurring during or in relation to Site use. Ineo Energy & Systems, will attempt to ensure the accuracy and updating of the information made available on the Site, as far as possible, and reserves the right to correct content at any time and without notice. However, Ineo Energy & Systems, and its contributors provide no guarantee and refuse all liability, irrespective of circumstances, in relation to the appropriate nature, sequence, accuracy, absence of errors, true, current, loyal or commercial nature, quality, grounds and availability of the information contained in this Site. All internet users shall accept all risks relating to the credit accorded to this information. Incorrect information or omissions may be detected, particularly due to typing or formatting errors. If you detect a few errors, please report these elements to allow us to correct as appropriate. Site content is provided “as is” with no explicit or implicit guarantee of any kind. Ineo Energy & Systems, shall categorically reject any interpretation aiming to assimilate Site content to bids or incentives to acquire shares or other securities, listed or other, in Ineo Energy & Systems, any direct or indirect subsidiary or a partner. Ineo Energy & Systems, reserves the right, at its discretion, to modify any elements of Site content. In the context of its Site updating and optimization policy, Ineo Energy & Systems, may decide to modify these conditions. Any dated information published on the Site shall be valid exclusively on the date specified. It is also reiterated that the secrecy of any correspondence exchanged via the Internet is not guaranteed and that each individual Internet user is responsible for taking the appropriate action to protect personal data and/or software from contamination by any virus on Internet.

The Site provides access to other web sites. These other sites are likely to have their own legal text which you must read and comply with.

3. Access code and password management

An access code and password are necessary for some services provided via the Site. These access codes and passwords are confidential, personnel and cannot be transferred. You are responsible for their management, conservation and the consequences of use. You are responsible for taking all action necessary to protect and retain these elements. Ineo Energy & Systems, may not be held liable for fraudulent use in any event. For safety reasons, access to secure sections shall be automatically refused after several incorrect attempts. Ineo Energy & Systems, reserves the right to suspend access to the Site in the event of the fraudulent use or attempted fraudulent use of the password or access code of a user. If access to the Site is suspended, Ineo Energy & Systems, shall inform you. The recordings executed by the IT system of the Internet site during connections by the user shall provide proof of any action by the user on the Site, and proof of the processing of these actions.

4. Intellectual property

All Site components are subject to French legislation on copyright, brands and, more generally, intellectual property. The brands and logos (semi-figurative marks) owned by Ineo Energy & Systems, and used on the Site are registered. Any copying or representation, in part or in whole, either alone or integrated in other elements, without the prior written and explicit authorisation of Ineo Energy & Systems, is strictly prohibited. The general structure, software, texts, images, videos, audio elements, know-how, animations and, more generally, all information and content included in the Site, are the property of Ineo Energy & Systems, or are licensed. These elements are subject to legislation on copyright. Any representation, modification, copying, misuse, in part or in whole, of all or part of the Site or its content, irrespective of the process or medium used, shall be considered as a counterfeit subject to articles L 335-2 and subsequent of the Intellectual property code. These Conditions shall not accord any licence for the use of brands, logos or photographs owned by Ineo Energy & Systems. The data bases included in the Site, if existing, are protected by provisions on the legal protection of data bases. In this respect, Ineo Energy & Systems, explicitly prohibits any re-use, copying or extraction of elements from these data bases. The user shall be liable for all unauthorised re-use, copying or extraction. Ineo Energy & Systems, reserves the right to delete any content immediately and without prior notice: messages, text, images or graphics breaching applicable laws or regulations, and particularly the above regulations. Should you wish to use Site content (text, images, etc.), you must obtain the written, explicit and prior authorisation of Ineo Energy & Systems, by writing to the address indicated in § “Ownership” or by sending an e-mail to the webmaster.

5. Respect for privacy

As a Site user, you are required to comply with applicable legislation, and particularly the provisions of the law on IT, files and freedoms. Breaches of the latter shall be subject to penal sanctions. In particular, you must refrain from collecting or misusing any personal data accessed, and, generally, taking any action likely to breach or harm the privacy, honour, sensitivity, brand image or reputation of any individual or company, and Ineo Energy & Systems, in particular, by avoiding any threatening, downgrading, harmful, provocative or slanderous mention, message or text on any medium of any type.

6. Personal data

In order to meet your requirements and while browsing the Site, Ineo Energy & Systems, may be required to collect in personal data for electronic processing (some items of information, marked with an asterisk, are mandatory). You must check that the information you provide via this Site is accurate and complete. Please inform us immediately of any change in your personal data to ensure the satisfactory handling of your requirements. The information collected is exclusively intended for Ineo Energy & Systems, which is hereby authorised to store and use this information in order to provide information on its products and services, unless you object for legitimate reasons. Ineo Energy & Systems, may also disclose this information to other companies in the group, its brokers, insurers and third parties or sub-contractors, exclusively for the purposes of management or prospecting, unless you object to this disclosure. You may object to the use of personal data for prospecting at no cost. Please contact us to exercise your right to access and rectify personal data and object to use. The Site is not intended to collect confidential information. Consequently, and with the exception of the above personal data, any information, in any format – document, data, graphic, question, suggestion, concept, comment, or other –, indicated by you on the Site will not be considered as confidential in any case. Consequently, we may use, copy, distribute, modify or disclose any information transmitted by you in view of processing your requirement.

7. Cookies

During your visits, you shall be informed that a cookie may automatically be saved by your browser. A cookie is a data block which is not used to identify you, but to save information on Site browsing. These cookies are used to analyse visitor figures, public, etc. in view of improving Site quality. You may configure your browser to inform you of a cookie, and, possibly, reject the cookie, as follows:

  • for Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x and 6.x: click on the “Tools” menu bar and then on “Internet options”, select the “Confidentiality” tab and then move the cursor to the desired level of security or click on the “Advanced” button and then on “Ignore automatic cookie management” and check “refuse” or “reject” for each column;
  • for Netscape Navigator 6.2: click on the “Edit” menu bar and then on “Options”, select “Confidentiality and security” and then “cookies”, check “de-activate” or “ask me”;
  • for Mozilla Firefox version 1.x and 1.5: click on the “Tools” menu bar, and then select “Options”, select the “Privacy” and then the “Cookies” tabs and uncheck the “authorise” box;
  • for Apple Safari: go to the “Safari > Safari options” menu and then click on the “Security” tab and click on “From Sites visited only”

If cookies are refused, you shall not be able to access some services. You may access, rectify or delete your personal data obtained using cookies according to the conditions defined in § “Personal data”.

8. Hypertext links

Ineo Energy & Systems, may not be held liable for hypertext links to other Sites, and particularly for the content of these Sites. Ineo Energy & Systems, may not be held liable for hypertext links to this Site and prohibits the creation of such links by any party without its prior written authorisation.

9. Warning for forecasts

The Site may contain some non-historical data comprising forecasts, and particularly declarations on future events, trends, plans or targets. These declarations are based on the current views and assumptions of management and are subject to significant risks and uncertainty likely to lead to a substantial difference between actual outcome and the outcome implicitly or explicitly forecast in these declarations (or past results). Additional information on these risks and uncertainties is included in the documents submitted to the competent authorities by Ineo Energy & Systems. Declarations on forecasts are made on a given date and Ineo Energy & Systems, fails to guarantee updates or revisions, either due to new information received, future events or for any other reason.

10. General clauses

Any transfer of the rights accorded by these conditions is strictly prohibited. If, for any reason, a competent court considers that any provision of these Conditions is invalid, the invalidity of this provision shall in no way affect the validity of the other conditions, which shall continue to take effect. Should either of the parties waive the application of a right or legal action according to the terms of these conditions, this may not be considered as a waiver to the future application of this right or legal action. The Site is subject to French law. These Conditions shall be governed by, and interpreted according to, French law.