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Monitoring, detection, identification, protection of individuals and assets.

Ineo E&S is a turnkey integrator of global monitoring and security solutions for critical and sensitive areas like “OIV” (Vital infrastructures), Airports (PCZSAR-critical area), industrial sites.

Our core business : From assessment of needs to installation and maintenance in operational and security conditions j7/7 and H24/24, our teams take responsibility, for steering, executing, deploying and maintaining your projects, using critical environment-specific know -how.

Security with microwave detection radar

A multi-technological specialist in safety and security solutions, both hardware and software, we are able to involve in areas with high environmental or operational constraints, with state of the art technologies.

Already deployed for OVIs’s perimeter protection and for air bases and airports, our latest monitoring solution uses fixed, compact and high resolution able to detect and track a n individual up to 500 m under in any weather condition (day/night, rain, fog, snow) unlike optical sensors.

The advantages of the solution

  • Fixed radars network with constant illumination
  • 5Ghz Radar Transmit Frequency Band (Wifi Public Band)
  • 25mW radiated power (20x lower than mobile phone)
  • High accuracy of location of intrusions and their progression in real time
  • Detection range up to 500 m for a pedestrian
  • All-weather capacity (day/night, rain, fog..)
  • Detection of a 0.2 to 110 KM/H intrusion
  • Multi-Target Capability
  • Target classification to reduce false alarms
  • Alarm validation : PTZ IR and thermal cameras, or by drone
  • Low probability of interception
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Integration with the main existing VMS.


Cybersecurity has become a highly strategic issue. Our experts support you in strengthening the security of your industrial properties and hardening your systems against attacks. From assessment of needs, deployment and operation phases of the PPI system, we put in place technical, organizational and procedural measures in accordance with ANSSI’s rules for securing sensitive information systems.

Our mission:

  • Control of the existing ;
  • Strengthening and upgrade the security of information systems;
  • Ensure service continuity by hardening the IS;
  • Reduce the risks.

Implementation on several levels :

  • Governance (confidentiality, subcontracting, derogations, etc.);
  • Risk analysis and control;
  • Control of IS;
  • Operational maintenance in security conditions;
  • Vulnerability management (logging, detection, organization note, etc.);
  • IS protection (identification, authentication, access’s rights, administrative accounts);
  • Defense in depth (filtering, hardening, partitioning, remote access, etc.)
  • Application of standards according to requirements (Military Programming Law, NIS Directive, GDPR, ISO 27001, etc.).

Maintenance in operational conditions (MCO) – Maintenance in safety and security conditions (MCS)

A team of technical experts ensures that your complex solutions and systems are maintained in operational and security conditions J7/7 and H24/24.

The MCO service deploys the protection system of customer sites and the means to maintain the solution composing the IS  in operational conditions. To ensure continuity of service and optimal security, the maintenance activities in operational conditions are appled y to the entire monitoring chain’s system installed on site:

  • All systems involved in the protection of the site’s heritage;
  •  All the equipment involved in the security system;
  • The tools implemented or used in the MCO’s services centers for the maintenance ;
  • Monitoring tools.

In addition, the MCO’s activities also include:

  • Management and follow-up of contracts;
  • Management of Cybersecurity requirements;
  • Operational and commercial relationship with the customers;
  • Planning and follow-up of preventive and corrective maintenance services;
  • Inventory management, obsolescence monitoring and regulatory;
  • Safety and quality requirements.

The MCS team is increasingly integrated into the security and safety projects of our customers with enhanced security requirements in addition to the MCO’s services. The challenges of the MCS team are to guarantee an optimal level of security of the IT systems throughout the exploitation, allowing to limit the risks through a set of measures and documented processes.