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VCS over IP


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To meet the « all over IP » paradigm, while adhering to the Eurocontrol and ICAO regulatory requirements, our radio/telephone systems, meant for the security communications of air-traffic controllers, transition to VCS over IP (Voice Communication Switch over IP networks).

Communicate at all costs

Whatever the circumstances, air-traffic controllers must have at their disposal a radio/telephone system providing them with the ability to communicate right away with aircraft, local teams or the neighboring control towers or centers.


Technology plus flexibility

Specifically designed for small or midsize airports and control centers that are set in severe environments, AIRvoice provides you with a high level of availability.

Through its configurable touch screen interfaces, it meets the telecom (radio, telephone, intercom) needs of the most demanding air-traffic controllers. It also constitutes a component of our AIRview integrated tower console.

By preserving your existing infrastructure, AIRvoice allows for a smooth migration from your current telecom system to the VoIP (Voice over IP) technology, as per the Eurocontrol (ED 137) and ICAO interoperability recommendations. AIRvoice meets the specifics of narrowband networks and satellite telecommunications while guaranteeing optimal voice quality.


Improve performance

  • Radiocomms (HF, VHF) & telephony
  • High availability & full redundancy
  • Modular architecture over IP
  • Investments preserved
  • Ranges of scalable solutions, bespoke solutions
  • Administration made easier, built-in supervision
  • COTS equipment, never obsolescent
  • Optimized installation, training & maintenance costs
  • Audio quality
  • Open standards (EUROCAE ED 137, RFC 3261, …)
  • Multibeam comms
  • Intuitive use and customizable use interfaces
  • Secure recording, user profiles & permissions
  • The recommended solution for the AIRview, integrated tower position

Simple configuration, easy use, comprehensive

  • Choose the size of your touch screen monitor (9 inch or more…),
  • Customize your GUIs and operating modes: call buttons, pictograms, list of frequencies, shortcuts…
  • Communication at your fingertips: radio blending, station or line tapping, sound recording and on-the-spot replay, role and assignment management, instant messaging, alarm management… Conference (MeetMe, user-planned), call diversion, call forwarding, call over backup lines, priority calls, instant calls, intercom, direct / indirect access calls, directories, call log… Utilization of HF, VHF & UHF frequencies, monitoring, traffic, coupling, push-to-talk priority-setting, management of several coverages per frequency…

Keep track of your communications

Abiding by the ICAO recommendations, the very high availability is rooted in the genes of AIRvoice :

  • Hardening and redundancy of equipment, power supplies, network links, software, and automatic management of backup links.
  • Your IP communication network is protected from intrusions. Users are authenticated through profile and permissions.

Conforming with Eurocontrol (ED 137) interoperability requirements, AIRvoice incorporates all of the analog, digital and IP radio and telephone interfaces. It is able to exchange data with all your IP systems.
AIRvoice accommodates the voice compression algorithms to offer the finest hearing quality, even over narrowband networks or in satellite telecommunications.