Vélizy, France


Enter a safe and connected world

INEO E&S  is committed to be by your side, to deliver an efficient and sustainable energy infrastrucuture, for powering and operating your facilities in a secured and relaible way. We believe in technological surveillance, innovation, prenium quality, high availability, sustainability, cost-efficiency and honoring each and every commitment.

Power Generation


Scope of services

  • Studies, supplies and installations of photovoltaic power plants on the ground connected to the network.
  • Conventional PV module technology on fixed structures or trackers
  • PPP technology
  • Industrial roofs
  • Delivery post

Project complexity:

  • Turnkey projects
  • Complexity of access
  • Constrained planning

Power Transmission and Distribution

HV/ MV/ LV overhead cables, HV /MV/ LV underground cables, Public lighting installation, Meters for customers


AIS outdoor HV substations, AIS indoors HV solar stations, AIS and GIS outdoor and indoor MV susbtations, AIR-insulated Substation, Gas-Insulated Substation

Our capabilities

Specialist in the management of large electrical projects

  • Project management
  • Technical Engineering
  • Supply Chain and International Logistics
  • Installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance

Integrated expertise and assistance throughout your project

Our achievements

 INEO E&S  has a of multiple outstanding achievements in the construction, extension and rehabilitation of power plants, substations and transmission lines worldwide.

Solar Power Plant
In Panama, Ineo E&S ensured the construction and installation of a photovoltaic farm of 200MW composed of 64,000 PV modules, 9 inverters of 2100 kVA and a delivery station of 30 kV, and the connection to the network with 100 meters of overhead cable of 34.5 kV
Hybrid Power Plants PV/Diesel/Batteries
In French Polynesia, Ineo E&S pioneered the installation of hybrid power plants for isolated islands throughout the country, managed by an Electric Management System (EMS)
High voltage lines
With Sonabel in Burkina Faso, Ineo E&S installed, and currently maintains, 340 km of high voltage transmission lines (225 kV) protected by OPGW cables.


Electrical substations
For the management of a power grid in French Polynesia, Ineo E&S deployed a 90 kV industrial power substation in Punaruu (AIS indoor and modular station). The Punaruu substation is the central node of the power grid serving Tahiti.
Substations for transportation infrastructure
On behalf of Entreprise du Métro d’Alger (EMA), Ineo E&S managed the setup of a substation for powering the first tramway line for the city of Sidi Bel Abbes.
In Burkina Faso, Ineo E&S built a national dispatching center to centrally manage power production, transmission and distribution.