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Smart tower suite


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Air-traffic controllers have to make fast and frequent decisions, considering a significant amount of heterogeneous information sprung from a host of systems independent from one another. Integrating that information within a seamless GUI enhances the situational awareness of ATCs.

Too much information annihilates information

Air-traffic controllers see the systems multiply on their stations. Monitors, keyboards and mice overwhelm the workbench and coexist with paper media while software programs multiply. This new trend brings about many a downside for air-traffic controllers: decrease in visibility on runways, cluttered workstation, extended responses as well as an access to information that is too extensive, not consolidated and not always relevant … Such factors reduce the controllers’ watchfulness and increase their stress as much as the risk for human error.


Visual integration

AIRtouch is a comprehensive software suite (servers, client stations, communication interfaces) meant to simplify and streamline the workspace of air-traffic controllers. Centralized on one same screen and distributed in focus areas within a single software, the main pieces of information and the commands, helpful for air-traffic controllers, become legible and readily accessible : runway lights, energy, navaids, weather data, runway condition, aircraft information messages, video-surveillance, access control, alarm management, breach record and instructions, documentation… By meeting aircraft security requirements, AIRtouch guarantees the reliability and availability that will ensure the continuity of operations in your airport.


Improve security

  • High availability: redundancy, meshing, hardened industrial materials (extended temperature range)
  • COTS equipment, never obsolescent
  • Security: profiles & permissions
  • Modular architecture over IP
  • Features for an easier administration
  • Built-in supervision & maintenance features
  • Optimized installation, training and maintenance costs
  • Open standards
  • Intuitive use and customizable use interfaces
  • A whole set of options: software modules, customization, equipment integration
  • The recommended solution for the AIRview integrated tower position


monitoring and control

According to your organisation’s needs, the AIRtouch software suite incorporates some or all of the “airside” systems your airport runways are fitted with.
From the integrated supervision console of their workstation, air-traffic controllers monitor those systems:

  • lights marking: runway, taxiway, parking lot, PAPI, obstacle, NDB…
  • class and condition of runways
  • navaids: VOR/DME, ILS, GLIDE…
  • weather conditions sensors
  • main & backup power supply: UPS life, generator condition, reverse emergency control…
  • AMHS / AFTN data
  • the sources of documentation: breach log, directories, daily movements…
  • security: video-surveillance and access control
  • convenience features: control of blinds, lighting intensity…

Maintenance personnel will use the control and monitoring features of the energy network, the lights marking (regulators and lamp failure) and the telecommunications network.
Administrators will set the controllers’ roles: profiles, permissions


Secure and available 24 hours a day

The very high availability is rooted in the genes of AIRtouch:
• Strengthening and redundancy of equipment (servers, operator stations), power supplies, network links, software. Failsoft.
• Your IP network is protected from intrusions. The users are authenticated through their profile and permissions.