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AIRview unveils at the WATM Congress 2014 trade show in Madrid

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AIRview unveils at the WATM Congress 2014 trade show in Madrid

On the occasion of the World ATM Congress 2014 trade show, be-safe.com has been kicking up a fuss! Many visitors were given the opportunity to discover the new innovations in the AIRline. Especially AIRview, our integrated control position.

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From March 4th to 6th 2014, at the IFEMA in Madrid, all the products from the AIRline were showcased on the booth of systems integrator Cofely Ineo (certified partner).

We have chosen this world event, where the major world players of air traffic control meet, to unveil in preview our latest line of products dedicated to air traffic control security : AIRview, our integrated control position.

Visitors rushed around AIRview to test and assess the quality and ergonomics of this new concept: airy design, electrically controlled seating or standing position, workspace distributed across two distance & tilt-adjustable LCD panoramic display screens, touchscreen controls, audio devices at hand, built-in connection set, no visible unneeded cable…

All the professionals of air traffic control hailed in AIRview, the innovation characterized by the “all-in-one” integration of the voice communication and control features of airside systems.

After the success of this first showcase, our teams would be delighted to see you again next year in Madrid from March 10th to 12th 2015, to discover what’s new in the AIRline.

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