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Enter a safe and connected world

be-safe.com offers off-the-shelf field-proven product ranges, associated with integration and support services. Our products withstand the constraints of the most extreme operating environments: dust, moisture, broad spread of temperatures, industrial, corrosive or potentially explosive atmosphere, lack of reliable public networks of energy and telecommunications… They have already proven to be reliable and efficient in the North Sea, Africa, the Middle East, South America and Asia.

The be-safe.com products are specifically suited to the most demanding applications. They are designed to guarantee an optimal continuity of operations of the vital safety/security features of the organization whose need they address. Fully redundant architectures (sensors, networks, servers, operating clients) guarantee their flawless availability.

The be-safe.com business model is based on ranges of modular, open and communicating products providing the best performance/cost ratio. The choices made during technical design (embracing and complying with international standards, COTS, open-source software, IP architectures, full redundancy…) reflect such an intent to break with the tradition of locking in users within proprietary and often hardly upgradeable solutions.

Innovation, user-friendliness and connected technology are rooted in the genes of be-safe.com products. Similarly, openness to third-party systems fosters the integration and interconnection of our products into your overall information system.
Our products are available all around the world from our network of certified resellers and installers. Such a sales network, never far away from you, provides the assessment, installation and maintenance services that come with the implementation and servicing of our products on any spot on the planet.

The website www.be-safe.com is an access portal for all of the be-safe.com community members. Resellers, installers, integrators and users shall find there the information and online services suited to their needs.

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