Personnel On Board (POB) & Personnel On Site (POS) safety


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When a fuel leakage occurs on an offshore oilrig, the safety of the personnel on board becomes a vital issue. How to lower the personnel evacuation time? Has everyone been effectively evacuated? Where are the missing employees?

O&Gmuster offers an innovative technological solution that will help the security officer and rescue teams throughout crisis management.

Safety above all

Whether onshore or offshore, the manager of a risky industrial facility (oilrig, petrochemical or pyrotechnic plant) has to instruct and, should the actual disaster break out, to arrange for the quickest and most comprehensive emergency evacuation procedures.

Technology and reliability

Specially designed for industrial sites in harsh environments (corrosive, explodable, secluded, desert, tropical…), O&Gmuster combines many a technology (RFID, geolocation, wifi, user-friendliness, touchscreen PC tablets…) and robustly/efficiently addresses the needs of those who wish to master their emergency evacuation process.

Compliant with ATEX/IECEx, O&Gmuster provides a gradual redundancy, fitted to your site, scalable up to full redundancy of all your system components.

The check-in/check-out, tracking and mustering control features ease the personnel’s movements and help to calm crisis situations and practice exercises. The real-time synchronized touchscreen tablets of muster managers provide an overall view of the events across the site.

O&Gmuster can be closely integrated into your local information system: personnel management (accommodation, turnovers), security (access control, PA/GA, …).

Improve your efficiency

  • Significant reduction of muster time in real life or during practice exercises
  • Error risk mitigation during check-in/check-out: manifest import, customized RFID tag
  • Real-time knowledge of personnel onsite location, management of the premises’ occupancy rate and required qualifications, accommodation features, dynamic assignment of mustering areas, optimization of rescue work
  • Calmed atmosphere during mustering (unneeded paper-based manifest and radio telecommunications)
  • Built-in administration and supervision
  • Hand-free and proximity readers of active and passive RFID tags
  • COTS hardened (IP67, CEM) equipment, obsolescence-free
  • Multisite, remote tracking, replay, statistics at the head office
  • Customizable multilingual video training

Your breadcrumb trail

Far from being a surveillance device, RFID technology is an integral part of the personnel onsite active safety while respecting their privacy.


The ultimate system

Very high availability is rooted in O&Gmuster DNA:

  • Hardening and redundancy of hardware, power supplies, network links, software; automatic management of backup links.
  • Your IP communication network is protected from intrusions. Users are authenticated through their profile and permissions.

On many offshore oilrigs, O&Gmuster is part of the ultimate systems, alongside PA/GA and radiocomms.