Integrated Tower Position


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The air traffic controller’s workstation gathers an increasing amount of information.
When a crisis situation occurs, the controller’s efficiency will depend on the availability of information provided to him. An ergonomics’ assessment study leading up to the making of a specific set of furniture, fitted with the suited peripheral devices, has allowed for fatigue reduction and controller watchfulness to remain on the alert while optimizing the footprint inside the control tower.

An ATC-dedicated space

Get rid of the desks cluttered with sundry notes and documents, the consoles overloaded with several keyboards and mice, the accumulation of monitors that end up obstructing sight on runways, radios and telephones…

Air-traffic controllers must have at their disposal an integrated workspace designed for ATC, fully oriented towards the comfort and serenity of its users within the control tower.

Toe the line

AIRview is the successful conclusion of a forty-year long experience in the area of air-traffic control. Our integrated control position has benefited from an independent ergonomics assessment, which considered many a factor:

  • optimal range of movements (arms, trunk, head)
  • fatigueless standing, sitting low and sitting high position
  • distance, tilt of monitors
  • sight on runways
  • readability of information and instructions
  • lighting and sound rendering
  • frequency of use and duration of station

Improve comfort

  • ATC-dedicated workstation
  • Optimized footprint within the control tower
  • “Zero piece of paper” principle
  • Numerous ergonomic adjustments: distance, height, tilt (height-adjustable tray with an electric command)
  • Built-in peripheral devices with no apparent cabling (monitor, keyboard, mouse, mic-earphones, loudspeakers)
  • 2 large LCD touch screen monitors, hinged and redundant
  • An open and upgradeable hardware platform allowing for the hosting of be-safe.airtouch, be-safe.airvoice, as well as third-party software
  • Recyclable materials (RoHS, CE, PEFC…) compliant with our Charter of sustainable development