Anti-drone solution


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Whether a mistake caused by absence of mind, lack of knowledge regarding regulations, a malicious or terrorist act, or even a case of industrial spying, your area is threatened by drones (UAVs) flying overhead. The precaution principle justifies the implementation of tailored detection and alert means for the most sensitive areas.


Protect your airspace

A drone is not just a new pass time. It is also an industrial tool and a vector capable of collecting information, transporting light loads, and causing extensive damage in the event of a crash. Public spaces, meeting areas, transport infrastructure, military and industrial sites are areas that are a priority when it comes to protection against this threat.


A technological answer

The modular system DRONEfence meets the demands of sensitive areas wishing to secure themselves of a level of protection which meets basic security rules.

DRONEfence combines our experience gained by working closely with industrials or territories and our abilities in electronic warfare. Our knowhow as an integrator and our extensive knowledge in the safety/security business enables us to offer an anti-drone solution, at the best possible price, capable of:

? Early detection

? Quickly alerting security teams

? Establishing element of proof

The system’s allows to establish elements of proof To be assigned to those illicitly fly’s drones overhead, for the benefit of civil parties and public authorities.